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dw_historical's Journal

I tolerate this century, but I don't enjoy it.
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The Doctor Who Historical Ficathon
What's this community all about?

Your friendly neighbourhood mods (livii & fallingtowers) wanted to celebrate the historical serials of Doctor Who by organizing a fic-fest for Whovian time-travel stories with a historical focus/background.

After all, there were cavemen in the first episode ever aired.

So how do I participate?

Easy as 3,14159 26535 89793...!

1. Please read the rules and guidelines first.

2. Leave a prompt until Friday, October 31st.

3. Wait for the prompt masterlist to go online on Sunday, November 2nd.

4. You can then claim a prompt and post a submission (minimum word count: 500 only) from November 2nd until Saturday, December 6th.

5. Our masterlist will be posted after that.

6. If you have got any questions, please post a comment here.

7. Enjoy!

How to avoid bringing down the moderators' wrath on you...

Read the rules and guidelines. Be civilized. Think before you post or comment. Play well with others. Don't resort to any bashing. Just chill and be here for the fun.